Warning Signs of Abuse

If your partner:

  • is overly jealous, possessive, bossy or controlling
  • is constantly checking on you
  • won’t accept breaking up
  • constantly accuses you of being unfaithful
  • doesn’t trust you
  • regularly yells at or insults you
  • prevents or discourages you from seeing friends and family
  • controls how you spend money
  • grabs, hits, pushes or shoves you
  • brags about mistreating others, loses his temper easily or has a history of fighting
  • pressures or forces you to have sex
  • humiliates you in front of others
  • has a history of bad relationships and blames others for his behavior
  • destroys your property and things you care about
  • abuses alcohol or drugs and may pressure you to do so
  • is cruel to animals and children

Your friends and family are constantly worried about you and your safety.

* Please note an abusive partner may not show all of these warning signs. If you feel your safety is at risk, you should be concerned with even just seeing one risk factor.