Facts About Abuse

1) Violence against women is extremely common, with half of Canadian Women having survived at least one incident of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime (Purple Ribbon Campaign, www.gov.nl.ca).

There is help

Do not be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help.

2) In about 90% of domestic assaults, the man is the perpetrator (Purple Ribbon Campaign, www.gov.nl.ca).

You are NOT to blame

Your partner may be angry or under stress but these are not excuses for violence. It is not your fault.

3) Violence occurs in all socioeconomic classes and in all types of families.

You are NOT the only one

Canadian born, immigrant, and refugee women share this problem. It happens to many women of all ages, religions, cultural backgrounds and incomes.

4) Violence is a pattern of behavior that exists in some relationships and gets worse and more frequent over time.

It usually will NOT get better

Partners who are violent usually do not change. The abuse may get worse over time.

5) Only the perpetrator has the ability to stop the violence.

Nobody has the right to hurt you

Although people may tell you that it is your duty to obey your partner and stay with him/her, all forms of woman abuse is wrong.

6) Abused women leaving their partners are at increased risk of severe physical assault or even death.

There is help

Talk to as many people you trust as possible about the abuse. These people can serve as supports and help you with your decisions.